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Lepidolite Heart

Lepidolite Heart

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Price is for one lepidolite heart


The Lepidolite crystal has long been utilized as a potent source of lithium. Lithium also derives its name from the Greek word for stone, ‘lithos’ as this element is found in trace quantities in almost all rocks. Therefore, Lepidolite serves as an effective balm to the soul for those experiencing intense mood swings, emotional instability, or overwhelming moments of anxiety and depression. 

The Lepidolite crystal is commonly referred to as “the stone of transition” and there is a good reason for this. Spiritual healers and crystal gurus believe that it assists in the releasing of stagnant negative energies and behaviors that are no longer serving you while encouraging the ushering in of change-inducing practices. In essence, it breaks harmful psychological patterns and forms new and uplifting ones. This allows for a deep reset that in turn, encourages emotional healing and stability while also alleviating your anxieties and depression.

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