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Pink Calcite Point

Pink Calcite Point

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3.5" Pink Calcite Point 


If you need emotional balance or healing in your life, then you should have the pink calcite stone around. It can help one deal with tension and anxiety in their life. It is also helpful in dealing with fear and nightmares.

It has a calming energy that instills inner peace in the wearer.

It can help you dig into your suppressed emotions and bring healing to your heart. It is also a good stone to have if you wish to clear your energy channels. It will ensure a wonderful flow of energy between your chakras.

Its gentle energy will bring you self-love and affection. It will help you dig deep, face your fears and hidden emotions, and work through them. It will help you overcome your difficulties and steer you in the direction you want in life.

It is a wonderful stone to have if you are dealing with stress or anxiety. It will help you fight the two!

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