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Ruby in Albite

Ruby in Albite


Ruby in Albite encourages us to "flow" with situations and with relationships. It can enhance our levels of tact and co-operation, provide insight into issues, and encourage action. It stimulates both the mind and the emotions. It can also help us to sustain our levels of confidence and to overcome our fear of the unknown. Ruby in Albite is both energizing and balancing in its effects, firing us with enthusiasm, impulsiveness, and spontaneity. It improves our motivation, soothes mental stress, engenders a positive mindset, and helps us to become more dynamic as a leader. Ruby in Albite is a stone of abundance and works with the energies of the Heart Centre. It helps to support us when we realize that we must change things to be truly free.

Ruby in Albite provides a connection to the psychic self and can awaken the energy of the third eye. It helps to bring us spiritual wisdom and clearer visualizations and should we undergo any spiritual experience as a result of this, then working with Ruby in Albite will give us the words we need in order to better describe that experience to others.

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