Sodalite Tower

Sodalite Tower


Sodalite is a good friend to those who need emotional care. It brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks along with rational thought, objectivity, intuition, truth, and enhances self- esteem, self - trust, and self - acceptance.


This is why sodalite is called Thinker's stone because of its deep connection to great thinkers. It has the power to create profound thoughts in whoever owns this crystal. 


The deep blue and indigo colors of Sodalite represent honesty, logic, respect, and balancing thoughts. It gives the wearer integrity to his/her emotions and expresses the truth. It serves as a friend who comforts you whenever you need a compliment. It also encourages discipline and will in one's personal life. It happens to find a way to be efficient in your daily task which can help promote self-confidence. Sodalite emotional healing comes with the ability to treat mental confusion, traumas/phobias, and ease anxiety. If you're experiencing those kinds of emotional abuse, you may wanna try to keep sodalite near you.

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