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Angelite Bracelet

Angelite Bracelet


8mm Bracelet

Angelite has an exceptionally high vibration and is one of the best stones for compassion. It sings of peace and helps us to see every person as a dear friend who deserves the very best. Angelite encourages us to be involved in community-building, both accepting newcomers and strengthening existing bonds of affection. It asks us to believe that community and world peace is possible and that each individual has a role to play. Angelite heightens our communication skills and perception levels, both spiritually and in normal conversations. In the spiritual realm, Angelite helps us to sense our guardian angels and to consciously communicate with the angelic realm. It improves all forms of channeling and telepathic communication. It also helps us to better understand astrology, numerology, tarot, and other spiritual tools. Angelite is highly recommended for reiki practitioners and other spiritual healers who seek to be an instrument of peace.

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