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Image by Ksenia Yakovleva

The Witches Flame
Spell Candle

✨🕯️ We are excited to announce our new line of mystery boxes! We decided to turn our spell candles that you have come to know and love into a mystery box.


Enchanted Moon presents the Witch’s Flame Mystery Box. This monthly mystery box will contain a mystery spell candle handcrafted by us for the busy witch. Spell candles will be charged and blessed. And may take the shape of a taper, pillar, or jar. There may be a candle holder, herb, oil, or crystal included. You can opt-in and out each month as you like. Cost $30 plus shipping.

Boxes can either be shipped or picked up at the shop for those that are local. Shipping is an additional cost. You will be able to choose in-store pick-up or shipping upon checkout. If you do not pick up your box within 60 days you will forfeit your purchase. Please reach out if you need special accommodations. 

For those picking up in store - you will receive an email stating that pick up is available. We will also post on social media when pick ups are available. Boxes will be available by the 15th day of that months box.  

Mystery boxes must be purchased separately and not with any other items on the website. Only one box per checkout if having it shipped.

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