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Cemetery Gates Mystery Box

Cemetery Gates Mystery Box


Octobers theme: Cemetery Gates is themed around the celebration of Samhain but heavy on spirit work. Crossing through the cemetery gates while the veil is open to honor your ancestors and work with spirits. Graveyards have a timeless energy where the veil between the living and underworld are thin. This box is also great for those uncomfortable with the topic of death. After all, death is the thing that we all have in common. No matter what words are said over the casket, we all return to Gaia in the end. Graveyards have often been associated with hexing and cursing in regards to witchcraft but that’s not the only reason a witch visits a cemetery. They hold tremendous power and a door to the other side.

Valued at $130+

🖤This box will ship and be ready for pickup by the 12th of October so you will have it in time for Samhain.